Dream Magazine
Directed by Nur Casadevall

Jennifer is in a waiting room of a piano audition, bored, when she observes a classic painting of a feminine body that is right in front of her. She is so fascinated by it that she gets absorved by the image, which takes her to new sensorial worlds.
Video for Dream Magazine

Director: Nur Casadevall

Starring Jennifer Bucovineanu

Executive Producer: Andreu Vidal
Producer: Angie Quintana and Blanca Ballesté
Production Manager: Mireia Arasa

Director of Photography: Oriol Barcelona
Art Director: Cristina Ramos
Assistant Director: Ona Jané

Make up Artist: Rubén Mármol (Kasteel Management)
Stylist: Jess Monterde
Still-Photographer : Berta Pfirsich

Editor: Carlos Font Clos
Postproduction: Artic
Colorist: Yulia Bulashenko
Credits and poster by Querida Estudio
Dream Identity and Web Design: Folch

Music by Nil Ciuró
Sound Designer: Marc Bech

Casting Director: Blanca Javaloy
Extras: Roc Montoriol and Oriol Cabarrocas

Production Assistants: Marti Torrebadella and Ferrán Cano
First Assistant Camera: Lucas Casanova
Assistant Camera: Frankie A Ronda
Loader: Edu Coll

Gaffer: Ferran Serra
Sparks: Pau Carné, Genis Serra, Martí Herrera, María González, Alex Simó and Adrià Pardo

Art Assistants: Marina Pérez, Maximiliano Segovia, Alba Adán and María Morató
Stylist Assistant: Cris Latorre
FX: Salvador Santana

Opera singer: Carmen Mateo Aniorte
Op. 740 nº4 Written by Carl Czerny Performed by Olivia Font
Sonata nº84 in D major Written by Padre Antonio Soler Performed by Olivia Font
Piano Teacher Voice: Zico Judge

Foley Artist: Albert Ribas
Foley mixer: Albert Pipió
Postproduction sound facilities: Coser y Cantar estudio

Special Thanks:
Futur2: Diseño y producción de espacios innovadores
Blow Models
Mac Cosmetics and Moroccanoil
Cinelab London